Where To Buy Beats Online

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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Where to buy beats

You can be a great lyricist, you can write the sickest bars and the hottest raps but unless you have solid beats to go with them, you're going to go nowhere fast in this industry. Thats why many up and coming artists buy beats from one of the various trusted sources online. It's true that it takes money to make money, especially in the music business. By spending a little bit of cash on high quality beats, you will not only make your tracks stand out to your listeners, but you will be one step ahead of other artists in a similar position to you. Everyone wants that record deal, to get it you need to take your music career seriously. Make an investment in your career by buying beats today.

What happens when I buy beats?

Everyone is new to the prospect of buying beats at one point or another. Here is some basic information for those who are. There are literally hundreds of places to buy beats from, some are expensive, some are not. You can buy beats directly from producers, stores or even online. The way you buy beats and the amount you spend will depend on your budget, experience and industry contacts. A good beat, combined with the right lyrics will make a hot track or song. Many artists will buy beats cheap, lay their lyrics over the top of the beat, then sell the song for a profit. This process is extremely common in the music industry.

Should I go for commercial or personal license?

Depending on your goal for your tracks and songs, you should choose a license that is appropriate to what you plan to do. Royalty free beats allow you to sell any tracks or songs you make using the beat. Whereas beats for personal use are restricted. They allow you to distribute your music via such methods as demo tapes, social networking sites and so on, but not for profit. If you simply want to build your fan base, without making any money yet, then beats for personal use may be a good idea.

Purchasing beats for commercial use is a great idea if you plan to make some cash from your compositions. Some commercial licenses come with strict contract conditions, for example it could state that you are only allowed to sell up to 4,000 songs using that specific beat. Once this is accomplished you must re-sign a new contract, usually resulting in more money earned for the producer. If you are or get to this stage in your career I highly recommend you hire a lawyer.

So remember to read any commercial terms carefully and make the right decision on what type of beats you are going to purchase.

Are cheap beats worth it?

If you buy beats for cheap directly from producers or music stores, they can come at quite a price. Therefore the perfect option for many people who are new to buying beats is the internet. Heaps of artists buy beats for cheap online, that are still high quality, edit them to include their lyrics and then sell them on. Making even more money in the process.

Many up and coming producers sell their beats online. So you will still be getting the sickest beats, just from people who have not quite made it big yet. However it is still important to sample the beats first, ensuring that they are worth the money and are not trash. If choose to buy beats for cheap online, with the right research, you can get some high standard beats, for little or no money.

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